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Further Study

While many of our competent graduates can enter careers in the different sectors of society, many of the others take up research opportunities. Some also went abroad to study at top universities, such as MIT, Princeton University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Chicago University, UCLA, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Yale University, Cornell University, Brown University, University of Illinois, etc.

Since the inception of our program in 1991, we have been blessed with many brilliant and hard working students. Throughout their studies, we have joy in teaching them and their inquisitive minds inspired us to offer many interesting topic courses. Other than course works with us, some of them also traveled and do research. As reported by the school of science, one out of five science students participated in exchange programs between our university and other North American/European/East Asian universities. The exchange statistics for our top students were substantially higher.

Every year, some of our students participated in our UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) and worked on research problems with our faculty members as well as our physics and computer science colleagues. There were prime examples of high achievements in research. For instance, the citation of Zhang Jian in the Epsilon Fund Award 2006 , who had at least three research articles published in Springer journals before graduation and received many PhD admission offers from top US graduate programs in pure and applied mathematics). Recently, two of our alumni Aaron Tsz-Kiu Chow and Jingbo Wan also won the 1st runner up of the Mr Armin & Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award in 2017 and 2019 respectively, for their excellent research accomplishment in the UROP.

Below is a selected list of our UG and M.Phil. alumni who went abroad for mathematics, statistics, and related graduate programs.

CHEN Ziwei
  University of Chicago (MSc in Financial Mathematics)

KEH Sedrick Scott So
  Carnegie Mellon University (MSc in Machine Learning)

  University of Chicago (PhD in Mathematics)

REN Jiaqi
  Penn Stat University (PhD in Economics)

SHENG Ruocheng
  Columbia University (MSc in Financial Engineering)

TSUI Ying Tsz
  University College London (MSc in Spatial Data Science)

VU Xuan Trung
  Yale University (PhD in Mathematics)

WANG Shuoran
  Columbia University (MSc in Financial Engineering)

WANG Wenliang
  University of Southern California (MSc in Analytics)

WANG Yujie
  Washington University in St Louis (PhD in Computer Science)

XIA Yusen
  University of California, Santa Barbara (PhD in Mathematics)

YUAN Dehao
  University of Maryland (PhD in Computer Science)

ZHANG Liangwei
  Carnegie Mellon University (MSc in Intelligent Information Systems)