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Students with demonstrated mathematical excellence are eligible for admission to the prestigious "S.S. Chern Class" once they have declared their major as either Mathematics (MATH), Mathematics and Economics (MAEC), or Data Science and Technology (DSCT). Depending on the academic performance, a Chern Class student can receive up to HK$50,000 scholarships by graduation.

In the year 2022, if students want to apply for the S.S. Chern Class, they need to fill in the following online form and email all the supporting document(s) (e.g. transcript, certificate of the math competition or public exam, etc) to on or before August 23 (Tuesday). Please click "Eligibility for the Chern Class" below to get more information about the eligibility requirements for admitting into the S.S. Chern Class. If you are already a Chern Class student, there is NO NEED to apply again.

Link to the online application form:

     For inquiries, please contact:

     Dr Albert Yin-Bon KU