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Career Development

Our degree programs equips the graduates with the skills and foundation for a wide range of careers in both the private and public sectors including: administration, architecture, banking, clerical Work, computer programming, engineering, finance, insurance, management, marketing & sales, merchandising, protective services, purchasing, real estate services, service work, statistical work, surveying, system analysis, Teaching. The following pie charts represent presentage of joining in various employment fields who had recently completed graduation from our department.

Career Placements in 2016 (MATH)

Career Placements in 2015 (MATH)

Career Placements in 2014 (MATH)

Career Placements in 2014 (MAEC)

Study Abroad

While many of our competent graduates can enter careers in the different sectors of society, many of the others take up research opportunities. Some also go abroad to study at top universities, such as MIT, Princeton University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Chicago University, UCLA, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Yale University, Cornell University, Brown University, University of Illinois, etc.

Since the inception of our program in 1991, we have been blessed with many brilliant and hard working students. Throughout their studies, we have joy in teaching them and their inquisitive minds inspired us to offer many interesting topic courses. Other than course works with us, some of them also traveled and do research. As reported by the school of science, one out of five science students participated in exchange programs between our university and other North American/European/East Asian universities. The exchange statistics for our top students were substantially higher.

In the summer, some of them participated in our UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) and worked on research problems with our faculty members as well as our physics and computer science colleagues. There were prime examples of high achievements in research (see for instance the citation of Zhang Jian in the Epsilon Fund Award 2006, who had at least three research articles published in Springer journals before graduation and received many PhD admission offers from top US graduate programs in pure and applied mathematics).

After graduation, many of our UG and M.Phil students went abroad for math (pure or applied) and related graduate programs. Based on the latest US News & World Report rankings in mathematics, many of them continued their studies at the top graduate programs in US. The following is an incomplete list (ordered according to the US News ranking):  

Our record of most number of PG admission offers received are set by the following students:

In 2012 Chen Qifeng1 had 9 PhD offers from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, Columbia and Cornell.

In 2006 Zhang Jian had 8 PhD offers from UC Berkeley, Caltech, UCLA, Michigan, NYU, Yale, Minnesota, Illinois.

Our record of the youngest admitted student to our UG program and receiving PG admission offers subsequently is set by the following student:

In 2012, Janson Ng Hoi Hei at age 14 was admitted to our UG program and in 2016 at age 17 received 4 PhD admission offers from the Math Departments of UC Berkeley, Chicago, Columbia and Yale.  There is a very good chance this record will be held for many years.

MIT Qu Yang (2017), Mao Hongzi1 (2015), Chow Chak On (1994)
Princeton Feng Xiaochen1 (2010), Lu Jingwan1 (2009)
Harvard Zhao Yiqun (2012)
UC Berkeley Xie Jiaqi (2016), Li Penghui (2013), Shen Yixuan (2010), Ma Yiqing (2007)
Stanford Wang Yue (2013), Zhang Xiaotong3 (2012), Chen Qifeng1 (2012), Sun Teng3 (2010), Siu Ho Chung (2010), Fong Tsz Ho (2007)
Chicago Kwok Lin Hon3 (2016), Dai Chaoxing (2013)3, Fan Tianqi (2011), Tsui Ka Kin (1997)
UCLA Wu Angela Anqi (2013), Yan Sibo3(2011), Wong Tsz Wai (2007), Lui Lok Ming (2003), Li Yan (2002), Chiang Lo Fung (2002), Leung Shing Yu (2001), Wong Sing Chi Stephen (1996)
Columbia Yao Naijia (2017), Chen Yilun (2017), Ngai Ying Tim (2017), Zhou Sitong3  (2016), Zhang Ye3 (2015), Cui Yiye3 (2015), Wang Mengxue3 (2014), Wang Yixin (2014)Ling Wodan3 (2013) ,Yuan Ding3 (2012), Yi Weishu (2011), Wang Chongli (2011), KANG Jiayin3 (2010), Qi You (2008), XU Chenguang4 (2008), Xu Yingnan (2007)
NYU(Courant) Zhou Kairuo (2017), Ye Zehua (2013), Pang Liming (2012), Cheung Yun Kuen2 (2009), Zhu Bo (2009), Du Man (2008), Zhang Jian (2006), Ren Weiqing  (1999)
Michigan OUYANG, Jing3 (2019), Huang Yifeng (2015), Wang Di (2011), Leung Kin Kwan (2008), Xue Qinqing (2007)
Yale Hoang Do Kien (2019), Wang Yu3 (2015)Shan Shaxuan3(2011), Song Jingjing (2009), Jiang Ning (2007), Ip Chi Ho Ivan2 (2005), Hu Xing (2004)
Cornell Feng Jiekun3 (2013), Wang Tao (2010), Wang Yuxing (2010)
Brown University Wang Zili (2014)
University of Wisconsin Dong Chenyang (2017), Peng Jingjiang (2007), Zhang Xin4
Duke University Yang Kaili (2015)3
Northwestern Xu Minjie3 (2014)Shi Nan (2012), Gao Honghao (2012), Gao Yi (2011), Li Penghui (2011), Wang Lu (2011), Wang Huanhuan (2006)
UC San Diego Song Shuang (2012), Cheung Man Wai (2010)
Johns Hopkins University Ma Congyang (2017)
SUNY Stony Brook Koh Ying Ying (1996)
University of Washington Li Xiudi (2017), Ye Xiaofeng (2011), Fang Wai Tong (2008)
Carnegie Mellon Zhai Qinwen3 (2019), Hu Anbang1 (2015), Huang Yuelun (2014)3, Fan Chunlin (2004), Lee Pak Kuen (1998)
Washington U. (St. Louis) Huang Yuan3 (2016), Wang Bo3(2010), Ho Kwok Pun (1997)
University of Arizona FERNADES, Anthony (2000), Chiu Yik Yin (2007)
UC Irvine Lo Wing Cheong (2006)
Boston University Wu Meng3(2015),3Luo Siyi3 (2013), Xu Zhiji3 (2011)
USC Wei Rongwei (2011), Ko Hong Fu (2007)

There were also a few graduates who went on to European and Canadian graduate programs. They are as follow:

Cambridge (UK) Lam Sai Lap Job (1994)

Oxford (UK)

Xu Wentao (2017), Li  Ka Kit (2015), Hon Yu Sing (2014), Xiao Shuyue3(2011)

London School of Economics

Chiu Kwok Yan3 (2016), Wang Xiaotian (2012)

ETH (Switzerland) Chen Shiqi1 (2009)
Toronto Tam Kam Fai (2007), Chan Lai Shan (1997)
University of Waterloo (Canada) Shen Zhiyi (2016), Cheng Pan Pan (2008), Ma Kai (2010)
University of  British Columbia Yam Yau Chuen (2014), Ho Ho Yin (2014), Yu Chi Wai (2004), Tse Wai (1995)
University of Warwick (UK) Zhou Yan (2008)
Lancaster University (UK) Chan Ho Hin Henry (2011)

Tech Universitat Munchen

Wong Ka Wai (2011)
University of Helsinki Chan Yat Hin (2013)

Some of our graduates also went on to graduate programs in Asia-Pacific and Middle East as follow:

Peking University Guo Nan4 (2008)
University of Technology at Sydney (Australia) Chan King Ming4(2008)
Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan) Chung Tsz Kin4 (2012), Tam Chun Ming4(2009), Siu Chi Chung4(2008)
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) Lam Ka Ying (2008)

1 denote CS-MATH dual designation students
2 denote MATH-PHYS dual designation students
3 denote MATH-ECON students
4 denote MAFS (MSc) students