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Root-Polynomial transformation

If x1, x2 are the roots of a quadratic polynomial x2 + ax + b, then we have

(x - x1)(x - x2) = x2 + ax + b.

By expanding the left side and compare with the right side, we get

a = - (x1 + x2), b = x1x2.

Since the polynomial is specified by the two coefficients a and b, we see that the transformation

roots (x1, x2) → polynomial x2 + ax + b

is essentially the same as

R2R2, (x1, x2) → (x1 + x2, x1x2)

As an exercise for yourself, how would you define the transformation Root-Polynomial: R3R3 for three roots of polynomials of degree 3?

Finally, you may try the general case Root-Polynomial: RnRn.