math111_logoLinear Algebra


Who teach the course?

Instructor Min Yan, (office)3484, (phone)23587442

Teaching Assistant Chun Bong Lee

What does the course cover?

Concrete Theory (Chapters 1, 2) Introduce the basic computational tool. Introduce some basic concepts in concrete and familier setting

Abstract Theory (Chapter 3) The core part of linear algebra. Extend concrete theory to abstract setting and introduce more abstract concepts.

Special Topics (Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7) More advanced part of the course. The topics are theoretically the most important and practically the most useful.

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What should the students do?

Web Material Read the course material on the web. Then do the exercises by yourself and compare your answers to the ones given on the web.

Tutorial The first session will be held on Saturday, September 14. Then we will meet once every two weeks. The instructor will discuss the course material, answer questions and conduct quizzes.

On-line Chatting Meet on-line on Monday and Thursday nights from 9 to 11. A tutor will answer your questions. The instructor may also join.

Bulletin Board Post and discuss questions. The instructor will monitor the BBS everyday and give necessary input.

On-line Test Multiple choice questions, mostly true or false type.

Exam One midterm. One final.


How is the final grade determined?

Final Grade = 10%quiz + 10%on-line test + 30%midterm + 50%final

Comments? Suggestions?

Although the instructor has extensive experience in teaching linear algebra, this is the first time the course is offered on line. Some rough edges, such as misspelling, typo, wrong links, etc, are expected. If you feel there is any improvement (no matter how small) that can be made to make the course more successful, please tell me. I will be very happy to update the material.