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The following is the schedule for the topics discussed in the chatting session. We will see how things go and make necessary adjustments.

Monday Sessions Topics Thursday Sessions Topics
    September 19
Chapter 1
System of Linear Equations
Augmented Matrix
Row Operation
Row Echelon Form
September 23 Existence
A Basic Linear Algebra Principle
September 26  
September 28, Tutorial 1
September 30
Chapter 2
Vector and Matrix
Linear Transformation
October 3 Onto
Composition and Matrix Multiplication
October 7 Inverse
Partitioned Matrix
October 10
Chapter 3
Vector Space
Linear Transformation
October 12, Tutorial 2
October 14 Range and Column Space
Kernel and Null Space
October 17 Span
Linear Independence
October 21 Basis
Computation of Basis
October 24 Rank and Nullity
Change of Basis
October 28, Tutorial 3, Midterm
October 28 Dual
Direct Sum
October 31
Chapter 4
Geometry of Determinant
Computation of Determinant
November 4 Properties of Determinant November 7 Theory of Determinant
Proof of Properties
November 9, Tutorial 4
November 11
Chapter 5
Eigenvalue and Eigenvector November 14 Complex Diagonalization
November 18 Application
November 21 Eigenspace and Multiplicity
November 23, Tutorial 5
November 25
Chapter 6
Dot Product November 28
December 2 Orthogonal Projection December 5 Orthogonalization
December 7, Tutorial 6